Nothing worse than tiny tiny micro fibers stuck to the prosthetic. Plus, after the first wash we don't want you to potentially get left over pigment on your house towels.

    (I'm speaking from experience.) 


    A carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of corn. Very commonly used for silicone and cyber skin renewing powders.

    (They make them feel nice and last longer.)


    My sister put one of these on her keychain and made a lot of people smile. It's a 2" keychain that says "I Have A Heart On" - No company website or ad info.

    C'mon people... Words are fun!

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How soon will it be to me?

Barring any natural disaster, or serious viral love for this project with an immediate sell out... All items go out within 3 business days. You'll receive an email with your tracking number for more details as soon as the item shave  been scanned by the USPS People... Then you can use their website to track your.... package. Okay, that was the last pun! 

How much is shipping?

Inside the United States - FREE

Canada - $17.50

United Kingdom / Great Britain - $25

All Other Countries - $25

(We are unable to track packages once they leave the US boarder... Silly USPS.)

Is your mailing discrete?

As discrete as it really can be... The return label says nothing about being from somewhere that would out someone. 

However. Our mailers do say "Your Package Is Here" on them. But hey, that could be anything!

Is the pigment safe?

I use a highly pigmented staining powder that is designed and manufactured specifically for being body safe. There is no common allergen or reactive material in the entire painting process. All models have been pre-washed and dried before being bagged and packaged. 

I would still recommend at least rinsing the prosthetic before use. 


RETURNS AND REFUNDS - There are two 'heart' labels in your package. One on the promo box, and one on the packer bag itself. For a 100% refund neither heart can be broken. For a 50% refund the packer bag label can not be open, so inspect your coloring and detail before you open the bag. Once it's opened, we can not offer you either a return or a refund. 

One more time for the people in the back. Once you open you package packaging, I am no longer able to refund or accept a return from you. 

ABILITIES - This device is meant for realistic packing and is not capable of penetration, or being used to stand and pee. Perhaps once we're settled in we can expand. And your purchase today is a step toward that! But for now, they're just for packing.

CUSTOM... CUSTOM HEART ONS - Over the preparation for launching this website I've received some interest in unrealistic detailing and while I can't make any promises, I can say I'm open to designing your prosthetic specifically for you. Please feel free to email me at 

I can still remember purchasing my first packer. It was $35 and it was everything to me. I wore it until it was grey... Yeah, picture that. Yuck.

Today, the same packers are being sold all over the internet but they're still lacking in something. - Personal-ity

The most realistic prosthetic I've ever seen came from a company called Reelmagik (Google it) and cost as much as it's worth. They're beautiful.

However, it's time for a realistic and affordable packing prosthetic. 

- Jason Robert Ballard